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A school's curriculum is the heart of the learning experience a school offers its students. It is the central driving force of a school's mission and vision. At Berlin Metropolitan School, we aim to allow this mission and vision to unfold in every classroom and in each initiative we as a school community pursue. Our aim is to allow each student to access our school program in it many facets by opening up each channel of learning and in supporting our students with the necessary feedback to grow both in intellect and character.

Berlin Metropolitan School strives to offer its students a wide breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as skill instruction, in order to best prepare them for life beyond formal schooling. To this end, we provide a rigorous academic program backed by a dedication to supporting and educating the whole student.

One of our core aims is to individualize learning and maximize student engagement through motivation and independent thinking. Our idea of student engagement seeks to reach students across a wide range of ability and skill, within a holistic framework of meaningful inquiry. The selection of diploma programs we have sought out and completed authorization requirements for, represent the best tools to unfold our definition of a quality education.

As a defining part of our school curriculum, we off our students a holistic education through our pastoral care system. To this end, we seek to enable our students to navigate the complexities of adolescence and to build core skills in becoming well-rounded and centered young adults.