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Student Life

Student Life

Our students spend more time at school than they do at home. As a result, we are aware of our responsibility to create a learning environment of meaningful engagement. It is also our aim to leave a lasting, positive impression on our students and to this end, we strive to create a warm and positive school culture for our students. 

At BMS, the recipe for a vibrant school atmosphere includes a positive, welcoming school culture; a diverse and varied calendar of events; an interesting and stimulating curriculum; an exciting learning environment, and a dedicated team of educators. We constantly seek out the opportunity to improve our school life with feedback from students, parents, and colleagues.

A major resource is our location in the heart of Berlin, which offers us a broad range of opportunities – from visiting a swimming pool or the skating rink to visiting museums, galleries, theaters, adventure playgrounds, and parks. Further inspiration is provided by our partnerships with recognized institutes and experts in the fields of music, science, and sport.

Our international school community is one of our most prized resources – with families from 48 different countries and employees from 23 different countries, we have at our disposal a rich pool of experience, impressions, cultures and religions. All of these influences are reflected in the unique environment at BMS.