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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The social and emotional well-being of our students is always at the heart of what we do. Only when children feel secure and at ease are they in a position to be able to develop their creativity and talents. We continually develop our services to support our students in line with their needs, provide training for our staff, and initiate new partnerships with institutions and external specialists.

Our school counselor, our school nurse, and our child welfare officer work together closely to provide the best-possible support, expertise, and experience for both our students and families. Our team regularly undergoes training in order to draw on the latest research in their field and to establish themselves as trusted partners for parents and teachers alike.

In order to support our students with language acquisition and the self-awareness that develops during this important stage, we work closely with an external speech therapist. Our speech therapist collaborates with families on an individual basis and  integrates her support into the student’s learning after consultation with both the classroom and subject teachers.

Our school has specifically opted to become what is known as a restorative practice school. We are of the opinion that this approach is in line with our school philosophy to develop a culture of mutual respect, dialogue, and equity.