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The library is the heart of our school program, which is based on a research-led approach. Regular trips to the library are part of school life for all BMS students from kindergarten upwards.

Thanks to the intelligent use of resources that is tailored to the age groups in question, our students can enjoy reading and discovering books, magazines, and online media. The range of media available is constantly adapted to the needs of our students and developed in the curriculum or through upcoming projects.

Within this context the librarian has such an important role to play. She is the first point of contact for our teachers when it comes to providing materials for planned projects for various age groups.

She ensures that sufficient materials are available on the relevant topics in order to best support children’s learning. For this reason, she is a fixed part of the teaching team and a key partner in the planning and design of our curriculum.

Our librarian also teaches the students how to use a library properly and efficiently, how to research effectively, and how to select and evaluate resources. She also regularly presents new books or bestsellers, provides recommendations, holds reading clubs, and organizes the school’s Book Day once a year, which is attended by authors, illustrators, and publishers.

From first grade, it is possible for all students to borrow books, pre-order books, or to help out in the library.