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Learning Environment

Learning Environment

In our view, a classroom needs to reflect what the students have learned and offer them plenty of inspiration for independent learning. At the same time, it should be an open and friendly place that promotes focused work and supports free thinking.

As a result, our classrooms are very important as areas of learning space. Their design and equipment have a huge impact on the attitude to learning, identification, enjoyment of learning and success of our students.

For us, the actual learning experiences of our students are particularly important when it comes to designing the learning environment, and we draw on this in our classrooms. The latter is precisely why it is our students’ work that dominates the learning environment.

Pride in their accomplishments is the biggest motivator for students to continue learning. As such, the classrooms are often quite empty at the start of a school year and become fuller as the students work and continue to learn.

This means that the classroom is their playground, and not their teacher’s. In addition, each classroom is equipped with a classroom library, various stimuli for learning and working, a smartboard and a reading corner.

Our program is supplemented by a wide variety of books and resources in our school’s own library. Library visits are fixed part of every student’s weekly schedule.Our librarian works together closely with teachers in order to support upcoming projects with the relevant resources. The librarian teaches our students about the proper use of a library.

We work with iPads, iPods, and MacBooks for research, the application of educational apps, recording and evaluating presentations, creating audiobooks and videos, and much more.