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Transition to Secondary School

Transition to Secondary School

The transition to the Secondary School is an important step for our students at the end of their time at Primary School. Our faculty aims to provide a seamless and easy transition for both our students and families. The latter ensures an open and supportive environment. 

The transition to Secondary occurs in the grade 7 and ushers in a huge change for our students who come from an environment that is centered around a single classroom and class teacher. The diversification of the curriculum into specific subjects, changing rooms between lessons, and an expanded teaching team is a significant challenge for our students in the initial stages of transition. 

Based on our experience, our students need the first semester to adapt to the new system and find their place. We are fully aware of the complexity our students experience and have created a transition program for our students in the sixth and seventh grades, in order for our students to find their place in the Secondary School.

We start to actively prepare our sixth-grade students for this transition in May of our academic year. During our so-called “Move-up week”, primary students have the opportunity to get first-hand experience of the Secondary School and familiarize themselves with the House System.

With a diverse program, we introduce them to the life of a Secondary School student, they become acquainted with their teacher, visit the classrooms, meet mentors and receive a “Welcome to Secondary School” booklet to help them find their place. Parents are also an integral part of the induction process. With the transition to Secondary School, we forge a path that will lead our students to gain one of the best and most rigorous school-leaving certificates in the world. 

In our experience, the stress of starting Secondary School is soon forgotten after the first semester. The house system in the Secondary School assist our students greatly, as it forms a central part of social life in the Secondary School and provides a welcoming support system for new students.