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Communication with parents is an important part of what we do. We try to maintain an open atmosphere of dialogue and cooperation in order to provide all parents with the opportunity of becoming actively involved in their child’s development. In order to allow this to unfold, we draw on various communication tools, as well as formal and informal opportunities for dialogue. It is the task of each teacher to ensure that this communication occurs in a meaningful, transparent, and timely manner. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Twice a year, we offer all parents the opportunity to attend a one-to-one parent-teacher conference. These conferences give parents the option to express their wishes, worries, observations, and aims with the teacher. It also provides the teacher the with opportunity to relay concrete feedback from the classroom with regard to the child’s progress and social development, illustrate feedback with examples of the child’s work, and discuss possible measures for further support. These learning conferences take place at the beginning of the school year and halfway through the school year.

Report Cards
All students from first to twelfth grade receive a detailed school report card twice a year, which provides a breakdown of all subjects and targets achievements, as well as detailed feedback on student progress from their homeroom teacher and subject teachers. Report cards give parents an holistic overview of the academic and social development of their child. 

Student-led Conferences
Our entire school program is set up to enable students to have an active role in their own education. This also includes reflecting on their own successes and taking pride in their progress. To this end, our students invite their parents to student-led conferences once a year in order to share their successes with the parents. This morning belongs to the students, who are highly motivated to give their parents an insight into what they have learned.

In addition to the fixed appointments, we also enable parents to make one-to-one appointments at any time as part of our open-door culture that aims to support open dialogue between parents, students, and the school.

In addition to various opportunities for dialogue, our teachers communicate regularly with weekly newsletters outlining events and learning activities. In addition, regular letters from the Primary school leadership team keep the school community abreast of the latest whole-school developments with weekly newsletters.