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The Primary School curriculum is based on local and international standards as well as as the Berlin framework curriculum for the relevant age groups and subjects. Content builds on previous modules and is developed with long-term learning outcomes in the senior school years as our main focus point.

The main subjects at Primary School are Math, German, and English, with the language program of particular importance and significance due to our profile as an international school with an international school community.

Due to our academic goal of successful bilingual learning for all our students, our language program and teaching methods are of utmost importance to us. For this reason, German and English are taught as main subjects and supported by the “German as a Foreign Language” and “ English as a Foreign Language” language programs.

As the name Primary School indicates, the first years of school life are of prime importance in laying the foundation for the future academic success of our students. In addition to the teaching content, such as spelling and grammar, numbers and basic arithmetic, the focus on teaching and training basic skills and abilities is of major importance. Problem awareness, solution-based thinking, critical reflection, research, free speech, presentations, team work, understanding multicultural contexts, listening, expressing oneself, make up the key focus areas our our approach to learning in the formative years of Primary School.

The BMS Curriculum focuses on training these skills and abilities, starting from kindergarten and preschool, as they are of essential importance for the ongoing success of our students. This concept of education, based on skills and abilities, is also reflected in our common values and provides the underpin to our approach to character development amongst our students.