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Projects & Activities

Projects & Activities

Our students in the Early Learning Center enjoy an exciting and dynamic program of projects and activities. So that our youngest students are not overburdened, our students in the 3-4 year age group begin with four succinct research projects per year. Our preschoolers, however, take on six projects, each at an age-appropriate level.

Our 3-4 year age group explore the following units over the course of the school year:

  • Relationships with other people are an important part of life.
  • Play is a possibility for expressing ourselves and our creativity.
  • Materials can be changed to alter their usefulness.
  • Animals and people communicate and interact in different ways and different places.

Our 4 year age group explores the following four projects over the course of a school year:

  • Interactions with other people help us to learn and grow.
  • Understanding how other children live around the world helps us to achieve new perspectives.
  • This helps us develop new ideas about things and create impressions.
  • The cycle of nature influences humans and other living things.

Our 5 year age group research the following six projects over the course of a school year:

  • If we understand ourselves – our character, our abilities, and interests – then we can be more aware of our actions.
  • Journeys and discoveries can influence us in different ways.
  • People can express their ideas in different ways through art.
  • Daily routines are a way of organizing our lives and environment.
  • Light comes from various sources and has advantages that we can research and use.
  • Small creatures interact with their environment and can change the world around us.

It is important to us that children see things from the perspective of a researcher and discoverer. They go on a journey of internal discovery over a period of four to six weeks in order to see the world with different eyes, ask questions and try to find answers.

These projects also occur with trips into the forest, to the zoo, to art galleries and museums, or visits by experts such as artists, scientists or older students.The latter allows us to offer our students plenty of different opportunities to make discoveries through various sources of inspiration.