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Methods & Resources

Methods & Resources

Our method is based on the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the IBO, which stipulates an interdisciplinary and research-based approach to teaching. This approach is supplemented by practical experience and learning through play, in accordance with the Berlin education program.

Our approach is based on the fact that children absorb knowledge more readily when they have a tangible outcome of their experiments with learning, are active, and are integrated into the learning process. This active research is of course supervised by trained educators in order to ensure that the theory behind the practical experience is communicated in an age and situation-appropriate manner.

Ongoing teacher training, planning relevant trips and partnerships, equipping classrooms with resources for the relevant projects, and integrating offline and online media to supplement project work, are all ways to guarantee that meaningful learning takes place.

We draw on the immersion concept when it comes to teaching our languages of instruction, German and English. Each class is taught by native speakers of German and English, who use only their native language to communicate with the students. With this method, the students learn the language through direct immersion and are well-prepared for language demands of the Primary School.