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Communication with parents is an important part of what we do. We try to maintain an open atmosphere of dialog and cooperation in order to provide all parents with the opportunity of becoming actively involved in their child’s development.To do this, we draw on various integration opportunities, as well as formal and informal opportunities for dialogue. It is the task of each teacher to ensure that this communication and integration occurs to a sufficient extent. At the start of each school year, we hold parent interviews in order to give parents the opportunity to share their wishes, concerns and assessments with us.

During the school year, we invite parents to parent/teacher talks and child development talks, where we share our observations and assessments from our daily work with the parents. These talks are particularly important during kindergarten and preschool because these years shape the child’s future development. For this reason, we discuss all areas of our students’ development and advise parents on how best to support the child. The child development talks are particularly important with regard to the transition to primary school.

Thanks to the close partnership between the first grade teaching team, we are able to prepare students and parents alike in the best way possible and work on any areas where extra support is needed. In addition to the fixed appointments for parent/teacher and child development talks, we also promote an open-door culture, where it is possible to make a one-to-one appointment at any time. Our entire school program is set up to enable students to take responsibility for their own education.

We start with this in the Early Learning phase and invite all parents to learning conferences led by the students once a year. The students are filled with pride to be able to show their parents their portfolios and explain what they have learned. In addition, we also keep our parents up to date with weekly bulletins from the classroom as well as monthly newsletters from the management team of the Early Learning Center. All the key information about our program and the organization can be found in the ELC Concept and ELC Handbook.