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Parent Representatives
There are two Class Parent Representatives for each class who are elected at the beginning of the school year at the first parent-teacher meetings. These parent representatives support the teacher and class with activities and are a link between the class teacher and the class community. One parent representative acts as the liaison between the school and class parents, while the other representative organizing and maintains the class account.

Class representatives meet with the respective school principal four times a year to discuss operations, strategies in school development, and act as a representative for parent concerns and questions from the class. This form of exchange is very important to us, as it allows us to regularly compare the expectations of all those involved and acts as a platform for addressing issues. In addition, class representatives are engaged in community events, volunteer work, and class celebrations.

MET@BMS: Parent Engagement Team
The MET@BMS Parent Engagement Team consists of a group of actively engaged parents who are interested in supporting our school community as a whole. By leading school events like our annual International Day, MET@BMS seeks to provide opportunities for BMS parents to come together in the interest of promoting our school values and building a strong community identity.

MET@BMS also provides a platform for parents to come together outside of school, offering parent-to-parent series like workshops, film evenings, athletic and social clubs, and much more. In addition, MET@BMS provides our community with family activities in and around Berlin in hopes of bringing together BMS members around common interests. Museum tours, excursions and much more are part of the program, updating periodically throughout the school year.

Parent Information
One of the cornerstones of an exceptional education for our students is close collaboration between the school and parents, based on a foundation of trust. To this end why we try to create many opportunities for discussion with each other.

By supporting a transparent and strong culture of meaningful communication between home and school, we endeavor to provide consistent information about the learning success of individual students on a regular basis. To this end, we offer learning conferences based on the age group several times a year in addition to regular information evenings on pertinent school curriculum topics.

Our information session provide parents with a structured and purposeful opportunity to hear directly from  our curriculum leaders and pose specific questions on student learning. Examples of these sessions include:

  • Monthly morning briefings on specific subjects such as the German language program, Mathematics and the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Berliner Rahmenlehrplan, as well as transdisciplinary learning in the PYP.
  • Regular information events during evening sessions on issues such as our Secondary School program, the IB Diploma, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), as well as our Mittlerer Schulabschluss (MSA).
  • Transition sessions are also a key area of interest for our parent and students alike. Each year we offer informative sessions on how best to transition from Early Learning to Primary, and Primary to Secondary. See our yearly calendar for more updates on our information sessions.