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Teacher Profiles

Teacher Profiles

As a state-recognized substitute school, BMS is obligated to have all new hires approved by the Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Science Berlin. According to these legal requirements, we have to ensure that newly hired BMS teachers can submit proof of a diploma that is at least the equivalent of a German teaching degree. These requirements serve to maintain quality standards at private schools, in  particular schools with an international profile.

Because we want to achieve superior quality as an institution, we welcome these quality standards and support our applicants throughout the process of recognition here in Germany. In addition to the formal criteria, we are interested in hiring teachers for the areas of Early Learning Center and Primary School who are already familiar and have experience with the IBO Primary Years Programme.

For the Early Learning Center, we would also like to hear from applicants who have experience in the Berlin education program. We teach a hybrid of the Cambridge University program and the IB Diploma program at the Secondary School, and as such, we are happy to receive applications from people who have experience in one or both of theses programs and who are specialists in their field.

For our Co-Curricula Educational Program, we are always looking for colleagues who can submit proof of completion of an educator training course or specialization in a related field. We would be happy to receive applications from native speakers of English or German.