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I’m interested in enrolling my child at BMS, what documents are required for the application?
Please send us a completed application form via e-mail or post, together with your child’s two latest school reports, if you are applying for grade 2 or above.

When do I need to apply by at the latest?
If you know in advance that you would like to apply, we recommend applying at least a year before you would like to enter BMS (it’s never too early to get on the waiting list and you are not committing to anything by sending us an application). However, as an international school we don’t work with an admissions deadline and will accept your application throughout the year.

Do you only accept new children at the beginning of a school year?
BMS accepts students throughout the year, provided that we have available spots in the appropriate grade.

Does my child have to sit an examination in order to be accepted at BMS?
Availability permitting, applicants for grades 2-5 are tested appropriately for their age group as part of the trial day. Their academic level in English, German and Mathematics is assessed.
Students applying for grade 6 and above, who are invited for trial days are given an entrance test to take either as part of their trial day at BMS or in advance at their current school.

Will my child be assessed?
Availability permitting, we organize a series of play-dates for applicants to our Early Learning Center and grade 1, enabling us to get to know the children and allowing them to experience BMS.

Availability permitting, prospective students to grades 2 to 12 are invited to attend trial days at BMS. Trial day students applying for grade 5 and above sit an entrance test in English and Maths.

Do you have an open day at BMS?
Open House is always a great opportunity to meet our teachers, BMS students and their families. It is held in October each year, so please look for the exact date on our website.

Can I visit the school other than for the Open House?
During the admissions process, we are happy to show families around the school when they come in for an individual meeting. Meetings and tours unfortunately cannot be scheduled unless the application documents have been submitted.

What language level must my child have in English/German in order to apply successfully to BMS?
The higher the grade, the higher the demands on the language level of the students, especially in English. We test/assess the level of all applicants’ English as part of the admissions process. If students need support with English and/or German, our language support teams work with them to get them up to the level they need to participate in mainstream instruction.

As all students in grade 10 have to take their IGCSE (Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams in English and their MSA (Mittlerer Schulabschluss) exams in German, they are ideally prepared for this important step by our team of language support teachers.

Is there any evaluation of the BMS exam results in comparison to other international and/or German schools?
The evaluations of the IBDP, IGCSE and MSA exams have shown that BMS has achieved exceptional results, both in the international and the German results. In both categories BMS scored above average when compared to similar schools. For detailed information, you can view the exam results tables in the respective PDFs.

Do you have a waiting list?
Demand exceeds our capacities in most year groups. We see this as implicit approval of our program, but we also realize that this poses a difficult situation for some families. We endeavor to provide fast, transparent feedback in order to manage expectations well. Thanks to our international school community, we have a steady flow of families coming and going, which puts us in the fortunate position of continually being able to offer places.

Which criteria do you use to select students?
The criteria are listed in our Admissions Policy. In general, it is important to us to put together a great school community which incorporates a balance of languages, nationalities, and socio-economic backgrounds. At the same time, the harmonious composition of classes also plays a role, meaning that the balance of boys and girls is an important aspect. Another aspect is the general support of families for our school program. This is the basis for a constructive, trusting relationship.