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At Berlin Metropolitan School, our educators represent our greatest resource in assisting our students from K-12 with character development and social-emotional growth. Educators at BMS represent mentors, coaches, and in many cases, a trusted source of advice for academic or pastoral issues.

In addition to managing our after-school program, our CCEP team provides in-class assistance for our primary school students, aiding in instructional practices, offering 1-1 tutoring in the classroom setting, and providing important direction in the character development of our students.

Beyond the classroom setting our after-school team is an integral part of our dedication to provide community events which reflect our mission as an international school. 

Our team of after school staff is comprised of over 30 teachers, which includes the volunteers undergoing their Freiwillige Soziale Jahr (FSJ) or Voluntary Social Year, who assist in our in-class assistance program, after school activities, and club program.