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Club Program

Club Program

Our club program for students from K-12 offers our students a dynamic and diverse selection of clubs, workshops, and sports to create an after school program based on the interest, needs, and creative talents of our students.  Moreover, our club program allows students to explore areas of their own personal interest, be it dance, music, language courses, science, team sports, or any of the other diverse offerings for every age group. By striking the best balance between life beyond the classroom, our students can explore their talents and passion with their peers.

Each year, students can choose from over 60 courses during the school year, with more than 1,000 places available, ranging from science and technology, to languages, sports and the arts. These courses last either the entire year or area divided up into semesters, depending upon student interest.

Our Primary School students enjoy clubs designed around their direct interests, taken from surveys and discussions with student leaders. Here, students can enjoy clubs after the closing of the school day, either in a 1-1 setting, in the case of individual instruction provided by our partner institutions and hosted by BMS, or as part of a group club. These clubs seek to provide focused activities for our students from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, depending on their selected choices.

Our students can choose to take a theme-based approach to their clubs and choose from a wide-range of courses; an arts-focused concentration could include such clubs such as creative writing, dance, photography, and much more;

action-based clubs include but are not limited to martial arts, skateboarding or gymnastics; STEM activities include Coding, Robotics, Digital Tinkering, Minecraft, Science Club, and much more. In addition to theme-based clubs, our students can choose to learn an additional language and pick either Chinese, French, German or Spanish.

Student-Led Projects characterize the afternoon activities for our Secondary students, who can independently direct the planning, organization, and implementation of our Secondary School clubs. Here, our educators act as mentors for our students, providing assistance and consultation for the students in order to successfully forge and create new projects and clubs.

Students are able to combine these student-led clubs as part of the Creativity, Action, and Service requirements as part of the International Baccalaureate in the DP years of Grades 11-12, thus enabling our students to benefit from existing partnerships with local art galleries, workshops with international embassies, as well as language institutes in Berlin, to name a few of the examples organized by and with our students. In addition, our traditional club structure is available to our Secondary students, offering club sports, participation in any HAWKS sports, as well as language courses, sports clubs, and much more.