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After School

After School

The Co-Curricula Educational Program (CCEP)  at Berlin Metropolitan School provides students with an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Our students can take part in a diverse club program, afternoon freeplay, academic support activities, and BMS Sports Teams for students from K-12.

Our program complements our approach to a student-centered, international, holistic school program. In addition to a range of diverse clubs and courses as well as our BMS Hawks teams, our team of CCEP educators act as a social and emotional support role to our students through the In-Class Assistance Program (ICA). By establishing a bond with students, our educators act as an integral part of our approach not only to academic success in its truest form but also to the overall character development of each individual student.

Our after school program features partnerships with local clubs and institutions, providing both onsite and offsite opportunities for our students to pursue recreational activities, participate in their favorite sports, or take part in a workshop.

A team of 24 trained educators and social workers take care of our students in the afternoons and administer a program of 60 courses and more than 1,000 spots. Diverse courses in the Arts, Science and Technology, Sports, and Martial Arts, are a few of the many club and course offerings our students can choose for each semester. 

In order to ensure our holistic approach to teaching and learning, we believe in the importance of student engagement extending beyond the classroom walls and  inspire our students to challenge themselves through our after-school program after formal class time has finished. 

The core aim of our CCEP program is to provide students with an inspirational and educational environment, one in which they can discover and further develop their passions and interests, through the dedicated support of mentors, coaches, and teachers. We see this critical aspect of education as a process of self-determination, whereby students can grow in learning spaces which are safe environments where they can actively and creatively engage their own interests and passion beyond academics.