Covid-19 Information

Dear BMS Students and Parents,

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed our life and forces us to implement measures that would have been previously unimaginable. We as a community are called upon to learn how best to live with the virus, and with this, have the responsibility, and at the same time the opportunity, to design a new “normal”.

On this page we have included all important information regarding COVID-19 and all necessary BMS formalities and procedures, as transparency is the necessary prerequisite in order to protect us all.

We also provide you with an overview of our distance learning concept, so that you know how we are ensuring that the education of your child is never in danger, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The extensive digitalization of teaching and instruction as well as communication is our ongoing operational goal. We thank all parents, teachers and students, who are already actively supporting us in this endeavor. Together, we will work on the further development of our concepts and learn how we can work together under these new conditions. At the same time, we will discuss as a community how we can provide a fulfilling school life for our students despite the need to ensure that the highest safety measure and protocols are met--school life that cannot happen without social contact.

As always, we look forward to a dynamic and exciting school year, strong academic results, and thought-provoking discussions! Please stay healthy and feel free to ask us any questions you may have throughout the year!