Kindergarten & Preschool

Kindergarten & Preschool

Our K-12 school program aims to provide our students with continuity in terms of core values, course content and teaching methods throughout their time as a student of BMS. As a result, we begin our program with our students early on in kindergarten, offering students between the ages of 3-6 the opportunity to develop their skills here on our campus and share in the support structures of our school.

In our work, we address the specific character and skills of each individual child, supporting each one in their development. In order to make responsible use of this important stage in a child’s development, we combine the International Baccalaureate Curriculum with the Berlin Education Program from the very onset of our Early Learning Years. 

These two programs form the basis of our work and are implemented by attentive, well-trained teachers in an engaging and meaningful learning environment. Every group is taught by two teachers, one German native speaker and one English, in order to provide the best basis for bilingual learning.

The curriculum follows a holistic approach and is based on the requirements of the students who are the focus of our work. Learning by doing and learning through play are major principles in the kindergarten and preschool stage, encouraging children to discover their own skills and talents for themselves, in addition to developing their natural curiosity.

Our teachers aim to create an open, friendly and approachable relationship with children and strive to build relationships that are built on trust. Children, aged three to five, spend their first years in mixed-aged groups in kindergarten. The preschool years between the ages of five and six, are spent in homogeneous age groups within our preschool. Here, the main focus of our program consists of preparing children for the transition to primary school.

As a result of their close proximity to one another and overall curriculum alignment, there is close cooperation between the Early Learning Center and the Primary School, ensuring our preschoolers are well prepared and excited to begin first grade.