“Friends of BMS” Parents’ Organization
The Friends of BMS organization is a group of parents who are interested in helping our students achieve success and who bring together the many involvement opportunities for parents and the desire to actively get involved. The Friends of BMS have committed themselves to the following:

  • Supporting integration of new families into BMS
  • Providing international families with assistance upon arrival in Berlin
  • Overseeing the school’s cultural program and organizing events
  • Encouraging participation in fund-raising activities and collecting donations for a variety of projects
  • Supporting team sports at BMS

Parent Representatives
There are two Class Representatives for each class who are elected at the beginning of the school year at the first parent-teacher meetings. These parent representatives support the teacher and class with activities and are a link between the class teacher and the class community.

Aside from the parent-teacher meetings, class representatives meet with the head of the school four times a year to discuss operations and strategies in school development. This form of exchange is very important to us, as it allows us to regularly compare the expectations of all those involved and acts as a platform for addressing issues.

BMS Advisory Board
The BMS Advisory Board supports and oversees the work of the school. In the Advisory Board, senior school leaders work with elected parent representatives to discuss BMS’s strategic development issues.

The work of the Advisory Board is based on BMS’s strategic development plan, which was developed in collaboration and defines the goals up to 2018. The Advisory Board is responsible for evaluating the degree to which the school has reached these goals.

The Advisory Board meets six times a year. The Advisory Board members undergo training and are supported by the European Collaboration of International Schools (ECIS) in order to align the Advisory Board’s strategic work with the goals, processes and quality standards of the international school community.

Parent Information
One of the cornerstones of an exceptional education for our students is close collaboration between the school and parents, based on a foundation of trust. To this end why we try to create many opportunities for discussion with each other.

We think it is extremely important to provide consistent information about the learning success of individual students on a regular basis, which is why we offer learning conferences based on the age group several times a year.

  • We also offer many ongoing workshops for our parents in order to provide them with an in-depth look at our school program.
  • Monthly morning briefings on school issues such as the German program, the English curriculum and the mathematics program
  • Regular information events in the evening on issues such as secondary school, the IB Diploma and the transition from kindergarten to first grade
  • Three round tables every school year on general and current school issues such as correctly using new media, bilingual learning and the challenges of adolescence.